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The History of Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Zircon Jewelry

The month of December has three birthstones—turquoise, tanzanite, and zircon. Turquoise is one of the oldest stones in the world, with some believing that it attracts good fortune and protects from evil. In contrast, tanzanite is a relatively new discovery from a mine uncovered in Tanzania in 1967. This cluster of transparent gems varies from violet to blue and became an overnight sensation thanks to its vivid colors, clarity, and potential for larger cut stones. Finally, zircon is a beautiful stone that ranges from yellow, gold, red, blue, and green. Blue zircon was a favorite of the Victorian era, with many estates using it for jewelry. 

Qualities of Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Zircon

Turquoise’s rich shades of green and blue hues, along with the black veins that run through it, create an enchanting gem. It is relatively soft, with a Mohs hardness of 5 or 6, so it is the ideal gemstone to carve intricate designs into. Tanzanite plays tricks on the eyes as it changes color depending on what direction it is viewed. Deep blue and purple shades are the most sought-after, but softer, pastel tanzanites are the most commonly found. Zircon has a high level of refraction and disbursement, so when light hits it, it gives a brilliant display with hundreds of tiny rainbows. 

Popular Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Zircon Jewelry Styles 

Turquoise has been used for centuries in jewelry, from religious to ornate necklaces—the cool tones of the stone pair well with silver and platinum. Tanzanite’s natural color-changing properties can further be exaggerated by the way the stone is cut. Tanzanite’s vivid blue-violet coloring works well with cool lighting. The colors will appear deeper and richer when contrasted next to cooler-toned metals like white gold and silver. Colorless zircon can be used as a stand-in for diamonds, as its brilliance and fire are extremely similar. It comes in many different colors, making it a favorite for jewelers who love experimenting with its dazzling characteristics. 

Why Shop for December Birthstone Jewelry at Rogers Jewelry Co.?

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