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The History of Tourmaline and Opal Jewelry

Tourmaline and opal are two distinctive gemstones that have an interesting history. Tourmaline comes in a vast array of colors. It has been mistaken for a ruby in the famous Russian Crown jewels and confused for an emerald by the Conquistadors in the 1500s. Opals are considered magical, with fiery bursts of colors shimmering under the surface. Known about since 400 BC, opal was rediscovered over a century ago in Queensland, Australia. Now mining over 95% of the opals on the market, Australia has reintroduced the beauty of this iridescent stone to the world.

Qualities of Tourmaline and Opal

Tourmaline is a clear crystal that comes in a rainbow of colors. Parti-colored tourmaline is distinct in that they display more than one color within the stone, such as the watermelon tourmaline, which has a pink center and a green outer edge. This gemstone is tougher than an opal, making tourmaline jewelry ideal for everyday wear. While both carry the title of October’s birthstone, opaque opal differs from the transparent tourmaline. Typically, opals are cut to have a domed or flat top, all the better to see the playful, glimmering hues that the stone is well known for.

Popular Tourmaline and Opal Jewelry Styles

Versatile tourmaline is used by celebrities year after year on the red carpet. The sheer range of colors makes it an appealing choice for designers. Likewise, opals are a favorite of renowned celebrities such as Julianne Moore, Jennifer Hudson, and Rihanna. Opals display many different colors, meaning that they can go with almost any outfit and fit any occasion. While sometimes passed by for more well-known gemstones, opals are an ideal choice for those who want something that is both unique and elegant. These vibrant stones can be found in eye-catching accessories such as gemstone necklaces.

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