The History of Citrine and Topaz Jewelry

Topaz is a gorgeous gemstone with a rich history. Many civilizations worldwide believed that topaz had special powers. Ancient Greeks believed that it would give them the strength to win battles. During the Renaissance, Europeans thought it could break spells. For the Imperial Russians, topaz was a symbol of the Czar and his family. This illustrious stone is the official birthstone for November, along with its companion, citrine. A lesser-known stone, citrine also has a long history with royalty, with it being the favored stone of Queen Victoria. The transparent stone is pale yellow or gold. Its warm appearance is why it is often used to decorate tools, jewelry, and religious garments. 

Qualities of Citrine and Topaz

Topaz can be found in a variety of shades other than just the common blue tone. It has one of the largest ranges in color, with hues varying between red, green, yellow, orange, pink, and purple. Red and orange topaz are the rarest, and therefore, the most valuable. However, blue topaz is widely available and a popular choice in gemstone jewelry. Polished topaz is smooth to the touch and has no imperfections seen with the naked eye. Citrine can be found in Bolivia, Spain, Madagascar, Mexico, and Uruguay. It is incredibly rare for it to be found naturally, which is why most citrine on the market is actually heat-treated amethysts. 

Popular Citrine and Topaz Jewelry Styles 

Topaz, as mentioned before, comes in many different colors, while citrine stays within the yellow-gold range. Topaz grows in large columns, so this gem can be cut into oval or pear shaped stones offering a different appearance in styles such as gemstone pendants. Citrine is ideal for glamorous designs that require a larger stone. In addition to this, smaller citrines typically have a strong color, making them ideal for intricately designed pieces that require matching stones like gemstone bracelets. Both gemstones are said to bring warmth and good health into a person’s life, making jewelry made from these gemstones a meaningful gift for a loved one. 

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