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The History of Sapphire Jewelry

Long considered a symbol of love, loyalty, and wisdom, sapphires are renowned for their stunning natural beauty and glamorous allure and are among the most coveted gemstones available. Traditionally the sapphire symbolized nobility and decorated the robes of both royalty and clergy members for centuries. Most notably, Princess Diana’s jaw-dropping 12k Ceylon sapphire surrounded by a halo of shimmering diamonds is now worn by The Duchess, Kate Middleton, and is the inspiration for many head-turning sapphire engagement rings.

Qualities of Sapphires

Sapphires are transparent precious stones made from various minerals that give these beauties their distinctive colors of blue, pink, yellow, purple, orange, or green. Color is the most crucial attribute of sapphire, the deep, intense velvety blue sapphires being among the most coveted available. Ideally, sapphires should have intense to vivid saturation with a medium to medium-dark tone without compromising brilliance. These are some of the technical terms used when describing sapphires:

Hue - This is the primary color of a sapphire. While you can describe a sapphire as simply pink or blue, gems are often a combination of hues. For example, blue sapphires can have secondary violet or green elements that impact their overall allure and value.

Tone - This describes how light or dark a stone's color is and significantly influences the overall value of the sapphire. Preferred tones for natural sapphires vary from hue to hue, but most fine pieces have a medium to medium-dark tone.

Saturation - Saturation describes how pure or intense a color appears to the naked eye and is crucial in determining a sapphire's value. Regardless of the hue, however, higher and more intense levels of color saturation are preferable.

While diamonds are the hardest mineral, with a 10 on the Mohs scale of relative hardness, corundum, the mineral family for sapphires and rubies, is the next hardest with a rating of 9. Because of their toughness, sapphires are an excellent gem option for pieces that are worn often, like engagement rings.

Popular Sapphire Jewelry Styles

Sapphires are as versatile as they are stunning. Representing the month of September, sapphire gemstone studs or a fashion ring are a beautiful way to celebrate a special birthday. For wedding anniversaries, it is traditional for sapphire to be given on the 5th anniversary, consider gifting an elegant sapphire adorned bracelet or a dazzling pendant with diamond accents. Although not as popular as diamonds, sapphires have become a highly favored center stone for an engagement ring. Some brides have the stones on their wedding bands as an option for adding "something blue" to their bridal jewelry set. Or, if you love the look of sapphires but prefer a diamond as a center stone, bold sapphire accents are a fantastic option to incorporate both.

Why Shop for Sapphire Jewelry at Rogers Jewelry Co.?

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