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The History of Emerald Jewelry

Worn by notorious icons such as Cleopatra, the first recorded history of emerald jewelry dates back all the way to 330 BC. Emeralds were masterfully embedded in precious metals to create radiant royal adornments and were later used in religious ceremonies in Colombia. In the 1600s When the Spanish discovered how these different cultures were using this dazzling gem to accentuate fashion accessories, they brought the strange wonder of shining emeralds to European and Asian civilizations. While there are other green gems such as tourmaline or peridot, Emerald is still seen as the truest green of them all, adored by women all over the world. 

Qualities of Emeralds

When thinking about emeralds, one often imagines them alongside rubies and sapphires. These stones are the most notorious amongst colored gemstones due to their high rating on the Mohs scale. More than fifty percent of the world’s emeralds are mined from Colombia due to the incredible quality they produce. Emeralds are known as the “Kings Jewel’ as it has often been strongly represented amongst royalty, but is modernly worn in jewelry to express individuality and glamour. Emerald jewelry is the ideal gift for someone born in the month of May, as emeralds represent rebirth and renewal for those with Taurus or Gemini sun placements. 

Popular Emerald Jewelry Styles

The vibrant green hue of emeralds is sure to turn heads when worn in jewelry, and emeralds make an excellent addition to delicate or bold necklaces and bracelets. For centuries emeralds have been worn in show-stopping jewelry for a regal style, but modern emerald jewelry can be dainty, ranging from solitaire bezel-set emerald necklaces to emerald-studded gold chain bracelets. Emeralds’ rarity ranges from the deepness of their green hue, offered in lighter delicate greens to richer and purer green tones. Emerald jewelry is notorious for emulating mystery and exoticism, making emeralds the desired accessory by women time and time again. 

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