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The History of Alexandrite Jewelry 

Dating back to the 1830s, Alexandrite is a relatively newly discovered gemstone. Discovered in Russia, miners initially thought they found emeralds. That was until they put the stone under the light and discovered it was a color-changing gemstone with hues of both deep green and purple. After realizing that they found a new gemstone, it was named after Alexander the II, the Tzar of Russia. Alexandrite represents prosperity, luck, and intellect, with an emphasis on finding balance. Its deep rich colors make it a gorgeous gemstone for fashion jewelry. Explore different styles of Alexandrite Jewelry with Rogers Jewelry Co.  

Qualities of Alexandrite 

As a color-changing gemstone, Alexandrite is an extremely dynamic and unique jewelry medium. Many believe that the gemstone has healing properties, helping to balance your emotional and spiritual well-being. This complex mineral absorbs light like a chameleon, making your jewelry feel like two different pieces depending on the lighting. This color change effect makes it one of the most unique and desirable gemstones for jewelry. This element occurs under rare circumstances with the combination of aluminum and beryllium, making it extremely rare and valuable. 

Popular Alexandrite Jewelry Styles

The versatility of this gemstone makes it perfect for a ton of different styles of jewelry. For a stunning statement piece that is sure to turn heads, opt for an Alexandrite pendant. Take advantage of the color-changing properties with a pair of Alexandrite drop earrings that will catch the light with every step. If you love talking with your hands, this gemstone will compliment you perfectly. This gemstone would look stunning as a statement ring for a night out, or to add to your everyday stack. Whichever style you choose to show off Alexandrite in, you will look refined and glowing with this rare gemstone. 

Why Shop for Alexandrite Jewelry at Rogers Jewelry Co?

Rogers Jewelry Co is your gemstone jewelry destination with locations across California and Nevada. We are proud to offer a gorgeous selection of fashion jewelry, featuring stunning Alexandrite jewelry. Each of our stores features private viewing rooms, computer design centers, experienced staff, and other amenities to make shopping at Rogers Jewelry Co. the new standard. For more information on Alexandrite jewelry and the products we have available, contact us at contact@thinkrogers.com or call (800) 733-1874 with any questions.