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Watch Winding

Watch Winding

While most watches are battery-powered today, a select few watch enthusiasts out there prefer a mechanical watch. These watches are remarkably classic, featuring aspects of the tried-and-true pieces admired throughout history. They are powered by a spring movement, and therefore, they occasionally need winding. The spring tightens as you wind it, and its unwinding powers the watch’s hands. However, different mechanical watches have different winding requirements. Some watches must be wound daily, while others only need an occasional winding. Discover mechanical watches for your lifestyle at Rogers Jewelry Co.

Is a Watch Winding Needed?

When shopping for a mechanical watch, you must consider your lifestyle and how much time you are willing to dedicate to routine winding. If your watch has a manual movement, it must be wound regularly. Research your specific watch to find out how long it can keep the time between windings and exactly how you should wind it. If your watch has an automatic movement, it may require being wound every so often. Automatic movements rewind themselves using the kinetic energy of the wearer’s wrist, but they sometimes need help. If your watch has a quartz movement, it does not need winding, as it is battery-powered.

Benefits of Watch Winding

Ensuring that your mechanical watch is wound correctly routinely maintains its ability to tell time properly. Watch winding is a crucial part of general maintenance on your watch. It may even be more critical than regular cleanings. After all, what is the use of a timepiece that cannot tell time properly? A watch falling behind due to the spring fully unwinding can also spell trouble for you as the wearer. Avoid missing your important meetings by winding your watch. Every so often, you should take your timepiece to your local watchmaker to fine-tune your watch to ensure it is accurate.

Find Your Luxurious Watches at Rogers Jewelry Co.

When shopping for your next favorite timepiece to add to your treasured collection, think Rogers Jewelry Co. across central California and Nevada. We are proud to offer a large selection of luxury watches from your favorite designer brands in each of our superstores. For our timepiece-collecting customers, we have a carefully curated selection of only the finest watch brands that are stylish and functional. While shopping, enjoy our comfortable lounge areas, satellite television, a fireplace, and complimentary beverages. Discover a Rogers Jewelry Co. location near you to begin a shopping experience like no other.

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