Fire & Ice Cut Forevermark Diamond

When you purchase a Fire & Ice Cut Forevermark Diamond from Rogers Jewelry, you’re getting more than just a diamond…you’re getting a promise of precision, brilliance and everlasting value.

Every Fire & Ice Forevermark Cut Diamond is hand-selected for its quality, rarity and responsible sourcing, ensuring that only the most magnificent diamonds carry the Forevermark inscription.

Fire & Ice Cut Forevermark Diamonds are crafted to precise angles and exacting standards to consistently deliver a bigger, brighter and whiter appearance, with durability that lasts…and value that increases over time.

The diamond. The promise. The Fire & Ice Cut Forevermark Diamond.

Rogers Jewelry Co. proudly offers Forevermark®. Forevermark® is a diamond brand from the De Beers group of companies. Forevermark diamonds are the world’s most carefully selected diamonds™

Each Forevermark® diamond comes with a promise, that it is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. Proof of this promise lies at the heart of every diamond: a unique inscription, invisible to the naked eye.

Less than one percent of the world’s diamonds are eligible to be inscribed as Forevermark®

Visit your local Rogers Jewelry store to check out the vast selection of Fire & Ice Cut Forevermark Jewelry including the all new bridal collection.

Fire and Ice