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Guide to Diamond Color

Guide to Diamond Color

Diamonds are known for their timeless beauty and brilliance, and they are the most popular gemstone for engagement rings and other fine jewelry. However, not all diamonds are colorless. In fact, diamonds can come in various hues, ranging from yellow and brown to pink, blue, green, and even red. Some of the most famous diamonds in the world are colored, such as the Hope Diamond, a deep blue color, and the Pink Star, a stunning pink diamond. Colored diamonds can be naturally occurring or treated to enhance their color. The color of a diamond is one of the factors that GIA considers when grading a diamond, with a scale ranging from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown).

How Do Diamond Colors Rank?

The cost of a diamond can vary greatly depending on the color. Colorless diamonds are the most valuable and sought-after, with D and E color diamonds being the most expensive. However, yellow and brown diamonds are much more common and are subsequently more affordable. The value of colored diamonds can vary greatly based on the rarity and intensity of the color. For example, blue diamonds are extremely rare and are subsequently much more expensive than other colors. Pink diamonds are also quite rare, with the Argyle Mine in Australia being one of the world's only sources of pink diamonds.

What Should You Look for in Diamond Color?

It's important to pick a diamond that fits one's budget and appeals to one's tastes for a few reasons. First, buying a diamond is a significant investment, and it's important to ensure one is getting their money's worth. One doesn't want to overspend or purchase a diamond that doesn't feel right to them. Everyone has different tastes, and there are many different types of diamonds to choose from. Some people may prefer the classic look of a colorless diamond, while others may be drawn to the vibrant hues of fancy-colored diamonds, such as black or yellow diamonds. Ultimately, the choice should come down to personal preference, as one should be proud to wear a diamond that represents their unique style and taste.

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