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Blue Fluorescence in Natural Diamonds

About Blue Fluorescence in Natural Diamonds

Diamonds possess many enchanting qualities, like brilliance, beauty, and elegance. In addition, every individual diamond exhibits a set of characteristics that make them unique. Two diamonds are always distinct from each other, no matter how they appear to the naked eye. These include cut, clarity, color, and carat. One lesser-known characteristic is blue fluorescence. When viewed in certain light conditions, they emit a stunning glow. Diamonds vary greatly in fluorescence. Some diamonds have a muted glow, while others have a more spectacular and eye-catching shine. Note that fluorescence can only be seen in UV light.

Why Choose Natural Diamonds with Blue Fluorescence?

For those who seek to add glamorous detail to their jewelry, consider picking a blue fluorescent diamond. They’re unusual and extraordinary, imparting a peculiar vibrance to the piece. They also lend a rare quality to the piece. Not all pieces have this effect. In fact, only 25-35% of diamonds are fluorescent. This marvelous effect’s rarity makes the stone all the more special. Fluorescence doesn’t change the stone’s quality or color; GIA considers it to be a “distinguishing characteristic” rather than a measure of quality. The stones are worth considering if you enjoy the magical glow of fluorescence.

Benefits of Buying Quality Diamonds

High-quality diamonds are true marvels. Dazzling and spectacular, these unique and radiant gemstones possess a peerless beauty. For engagement rings, diamonds are adept at signaling love, romance, and commitment with a pleasant and delightful shine. Their clarity and unaltered elegance ensure they are the ultimate gemstones. A touch of blue fluorescence only adds to their fantastic nature, making them a distinctive and eternal jewel. Owners of blue fluorescent diamond jewelry can show off their enchanting diamonds with a luxurious glow. Browse these sublime stones at a Rogers Jewelry Co. jewelry store.

Trust Roger's for Gorgeous Diamonds

Discover the glamorous diamonds and jewelry at Rogers Jewelry Co. Our vast selection of the industry’s finest in everything, ensures that every visitor receives heirloom-quality accessories sure to last a lifetime. Our designer jewelry brands are crafted by household names and small artisans, to grant our customers the ability to see the best. We also provide several essential services like jewelry repair and custom design. Head to our stores in Fresno, Folsom, Bakersfield, Elks Grove, Modesto, and San Luis Obispo in California and Reno, Nevada. Email for more information on blue fluorescence.

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