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Biggest Engagement Ring Trends by the Decade

Couple embracing, the woman wearing a rose gold and oval cut engagement ring

Biggest Engagement Ring Trends by Decade

At Rogers Jewelry Co., we've seen engagement ring trends come and go over the decades. From classic solitaires to vintage-inspired designs, our collection boasts a stunning array of rings to suit every taste. But one thing remains constant: our commitment to quality and craftsmanship ensures your ring will last a lifetime. We’ve compiled a guide to some of the biggest trends of the most recent decades to help you garner some inspiration for your engagement ring shopping trip.


Engagement ring styles in the 1960s were characterized by classic and elegant designs. Large center stones set in yellow gold were the hallmark of this era, often surrounded by intricate filigree and floral details. The iconic "princess cut" diamond was also introduced during this decade, adding a modern twist to traditional designs. Colorful gemstones like sapphires and rubies were also popular, adding color and individuality to each ring.


The 1970s was a time of rebellion and individuality, and engagement ring styles were no exception. Non-traditional stones like opals, emeralds, and turquoise were popular, often set in funky designs like twisted bands and geometric shapes. Yellow gold remains beloved, but it was often paired with unique and eclectic designs. The bohemian spirit of the era is reflected in the unconventional and daring engagement rings of the 1970s.

Yellow gold engagement ring with a marquise cut center stone on a white fabric


The 1980s was a decade marked by wealth and excess, and engagement ring styles reflected this trend. Large, flashy stones like marquise and pear-cut diamonds set in white gold or platinum were popular, symbolizing the extravagance and luxury of the era. The designs were often bold and daring, featuring intricate details and ornate settings.


Engagement ring styles in the 1990s were a departure from the flashy and extravagant designs of the previous decade. Three stone rings with a large center stone flanked by two smaller ones gained popularity, representing a couple's relationship's past, present, and future. Yellow gold made a comeback, with simpler, more classic designs favored over ornate and ostentatious ones.

Pear shape, halo engagement ring with an elaborately designed band


The engagement ring trends of the 2000s were characterized by a focus on the band and intricate details like pave settings. The princess cut remained a mainstay, but with a renewed emphasis on simplicity and classic elegance. Platinum and white gold were still fashionable, often paired with smaller diamonds and delicate designs.


The engagement ring styles of the 2010s were marked by the popularity of halo-style rings, featuring a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds. Rose gold emerged as a popular metal, with vintage-inspired designs also gaining traction. Intricate details like milgrain and filigree were popular, adding a touch of romance and femininity to each ring.

2020 and Beyond

Engagement ring trends in the 2020s are all about sustainability and individuality. Lab-grown diamonds and sustainable metals like recycled gold and platinum are becoming more popular, reflecting a growing interest in ethical and eco-friendly jewelry. Repurposing natural diamonds and gemstones into new settings creates a whole new world for these precious stones. Unique designs featuring organic shapes and colored gemstones are gaining traction, allowing couples to express their individuality and creativity through engagement rings.

Hand holding three emerald cut engagement rings against a red background

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