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All About the Pear Cut

All About Pear Shaped Diamonds

For a diamond cut that is feminine, regal, and romantic, as well as stands out from the crowd, look no further than the widely beloved pear shaped cut. Characterized by an elongated shape featuring one rounded end and one pointed end, this shape is unique in that it is not symmetrical both horizontally and vertically like most other cuts. Like round cut stones, they feature 58 facets that allow for plenty of fire and brilliance. However, they can range in proportion, some shorter and wider, some longer and thinner. Choose the cut that is right for you with the help of our team here at Rogers Jewelry Co.

History of Pear Shaped Diamonds

The pear shaped diamond cut was developed in Belgium in the 1400s by Lodewyk van Berquem, a diamond expert also known for having created a diamond polishing machine, variations of which are still used today. This unique cut offered a distinctive, whimsical alternative to traditional diamond cuts. However, it didn’t gain instantaneous popularity when it was first introduced. Many were unhappy with the amount of mass lost during the cutting process. Today, however, pear shaped diamonds are a sought-after choice for those that want something more out of the ordinary.

Why Choose a Pear Shaped Diamond?

Individualist brides who prefer to stand out from the crowd are ideal candidates for a pear shaped diamond engagement ring. These stones are less popular than most, meaning you’re less likely to see others with rings similar to yours when you choose this cut. Beloved by celebrities like Victoria Beckham to Katherine Heigl, to name a few, one is always in good company when opting for this shape. Because of their elongated shape, pear shaped diamonds often appear more prominent than their shorter counterparts. They also offer plenty of variety as you can choose between different orientations, each creating a unique overall effect not accessible with more symmetrical diamond shapes.

Shop Pear Shaped Diamond Rings at Rogers Jewelry Co.

We’re sure that your dream engagement ring is here among our immaculate selection of designer rings at Roger Jewelry Co. We would be absolutely thrilled to assist you in finding the piece that perfectly suits your tastes and personality, serving as a reminder of your eternal love for the rest of your days. Each of our seven Nevada and California jewelry stores is stocked with top-tier pieces from designers around the world, ensuring you leave with a piece of unparalleled quality. Contact us today for more information on our products and services, or feel free to browse our inventory online at your convenience.

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